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Energize your conference with a keynote address or seminar workshop with Chuck Bartlett! Chuck is a national speaker offering a wide range of topics that impacts audiences immediately.

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Sales Coaching

Generate more leads, get more sales, make the sales process quicker and increase revenue. Those are the goals that your sales team needs to achieve. Chuck Bartlett’s sales coaching will show you how “The Less You Sell, the More Sales You’ll Make!”

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Success Coaching

Jump-Start your life with positive energy and acheive your full potential with the help of Chuck Bartlett!

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Success begins with believing in yourself, understanding the value you have and discovering that you already are who you're trying to be!

I’m Chuck Bartlett, a national sales and motivational speaker and trainer. I have the privilege to work with individuals across the country. I believe that talent and attitude is the winning combination for success both personally and professionally. My true passion is helping others unlock their full potential in their ever changing lives. I try to impact other’s lives through my innovative seminars, keynote addresses, audio programs and individual coaching sessions via phone or in person. I am fortunate enough to work with CEO's, business owners, salespeople, entrepreneurs, groups and individuals to help improve their lives and business. This site is a small window into the services I provide and the benefits I bring. Welcome!

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Meet ChuckWhat Would Chuck B. Do

What Would Chuck B. Do

Chuck explains what it is that he does in situations that you might be facing!

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    Strength and Courage
    Making a Great Impact
  • Talentude
    Bond and Rapport
    Confidence In Yourself
  • 2012 Olympics - Nastia Liukin
    V-I-Tal To Your Success