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Sales Coaching

Generate more leads, get more sales, make the sales process quicker and increase revenue. Those are the goals that your sales team needs to achieve. Chuck Bartlett’s sales coaching will show you how “The Less You Sell, the More Sales You’ll Make!”

In business, it’s all about impacting the bottom line. Chuck Bartlett’s unique strategy will provide the ideas, insights, tips and motivation to make success happen.

Through years of sales and marketing experience, Chuck Bartlett has developed a program to build the self belief and relationships needed to create successful winners. How? Chuck has developed a unique formula and fundamental belief is that TALENT + ATTITUDE= SUCCESS, what he calls “Talentude.”

Reminders, re-enforcement, words of encouragement and a solid plan can be exactly what we need to kick-start change in our lives. NOW IS THE TIME to take control of your life and get on the track to success!

Sales Coaching
-Large or small group training
-Individual on-on-one training
-Phone Consultations
-Sales Strategies

Chuck Helps You
-Warm up your cold calls
-Deal with “NO”
-Take price out of the equation
-Get past the gatekeeper
-Truly bond and rapport
-Use listening and questioning techniques
-Increase sales

Chucks Approach
So how do business owners, salespeople, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to sell something make the sale? Especially “without selling.” The secret is in our Total Belief and A-C-Tion that helps create success. It is imperative that we master our communication skills, not only to the outside world, but most importantly from within ourselves.

Here are 3 key areas that winners master in order to achieve success

1. Internal Communications
Learn that the VALUE “You” bring to your customers and prospects far exceeds what your products or service will do for them. Learn how to IMPACT their business world by building long lasting relationships. This U-Value will be discovered by others and they’ll want to buy from you. Create a powerful TOTAL BELIEF SYSTEM that does not allow you to fail.

2. External Communications
A-C-Tions speaks louder than words. Take action, even if you fail, fail forward. Get your ACT together – create an Attitude for Success, make a Commitment to act on your goals and use your Talent to persuade and communicate.

3. Total Communications
“Are you sitting on the same side of the desk?” Successful sales people learn how to form long lasting relations through bonding and rapport and discovering what’s important to their prospects, not themselves. Sometimes the best communication is to stop talking, let the buyer buy; get out of the way of the sale and you will be successful.

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